About me

Prien is a Rotterdam based bookbinder interested in the wide range of possibilities in bookbinding. Craftsmanship   Handboekbinder Prien - gespecialiseerd ijn handgemaakte boeken en dozen.
and the enormous amount of techniques make bookbinding such an interesting job. Prien does not believe in
mass production. What matters is an exclusive and original design, made to last and to enjoy every time you see or
touch the book, album or box. Something like the old family photo album, in the family for decades and still beautiful,
and therefore very special.

Prien aimes to make the ‘carbon footprint’ of each product as small as possible by using environmental friendly dyes and linens and by recycling as much materials as possible. So the carbon boxes of my cereals end up in my small booklets for example. Prien strongly believes beautiful and sustainable design can be combined with a healthy and green planet.

Prien doesn’t only offer booklets in the webshop, but is also specialized in customized bindings, such as wedding booklets, photo albums, boxes, portfolios, business presentations and personalized gifts.
Please contact Prien to find out about the possibilities. Together we will find a good way to bind your special project.
The possibilities are unlimited …

If you decide to buy something at Prien’s webshop, or if you order a customized project, please remember that you buy something unique, handmade with care for the design and environment.


Prien is founded by Corina de Vette