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E-course Blogging Your Way

11 december 2013

Last month I took the e-course Blogging Your Way given by Holly Becker from Decor8. Although I had a really, and I mean a really, busy month I enjoyed the course very much. It was nice to meet other bloggers on the forum and even live. It turned out that Agnes from Stylestek also lives in Rotterdam, so we didn’t only meet online, but also in real live and we will keep on doing that 🙂 Agnes is specialized in inspiring images for websites and promoting articles etc. Her work is refined and dreamy, and her website is as white as mine 🙂
During the course we learned things about blogging in general, branding your blog, styling, photography, photo editing, but above all it was INSPIRING! I have so many ideas for new blogposts and how to improve my styling and photography… I hope you will enjoy my future posts – inspired by this e-course and all the other bloggers I met at this class-!

E-course Blogging Your Way Holly Becker



Flavourites Live Business

24 november 2013

Once a year it’s Flavourites Live time. This sparkling event in Amsterdam, powered by MamaMarketing, offers webshop owners a stage to show their products ‘live’. Located in the inspiring location ‘De Overkant‘ this event hostst a consumers fair and a b-to-b event with workshops, lectures and providers focussed on b-to-b-products.

Since the schedule was pretty full, the first lecture was already at 10 in the morning. That meant an early trip to Amsterdam, to the other site of the IJ by ferry. After a refreshing and hasty – yes I was late again – walk to ‘The Overkant’ the first lecture  from Carlotte Mos/Ocher was about to start. Luckily a bit later than scheduled 🙂 Carlotte told us a lot about branding. You are your brand! You and al your expressions. Ofcourse you know this stuff, and you heard it before, but she managed to tell these facts in such an inspiring way, supported by a beautiful designed presentation (you are your brand! 🙂 ), that it really had an impact on me. …I have a lot of work to do coming weeks …

This vibrant start was followed by lectures about Pinterest (with some usefull tips), SEO (more good tips!) and content strategy. One other lecture that stood out was about trends in e-commerce, media & social media by Lieke Lamb. She is a true performer and speaker. It is wonderful to listen to her. Well founded facts and opinions brought with humour. The most important things she had to say; focus on mobile, desktop computer use will be replaced by mobile applications.

A lot of input, together with the inspiration from the course Blogging Your Way from Decor8, my head is full with new ideas and stuff that I have to improve in my blog and on my site….

Flavourites Live Business



Those beautiful Autumn Colours

21 november 2013

You might starting to think that I am a little obsessed with autumn leaves. I am sorry … but they are just so beautiful and the splendid colours seem to change every day. I promiss this will be the last blog about autumn leaves 🙂  But you might see some of those colours back in my booklets later on….Today I was sitting in the train, staring at those yellow, red, green and brownish colours and I was thinking about how to process them into my booklets. I think I have some great ideas, so I will experiment with them coming weeks … hopefully with good results I can show you later on!
By the way I made this collage in Photoshop, practising my lessons 🙂 It’s so much fun working with this tool and understanding it more and more.



Decor8’s E-Course Blogging Your Way

4 november 2013

Last Friday the e-course Blogging Your Way from Decor8 started officially. We had to do some reading and update our profiles …. but today … we finally start the course .. I am very curious! As you might have noticed, sometimes I was a bit lazy with posting new blogs … but with the help of this course I am planning to give this blog a boost. There are so many ideas in my head …with some discipline and new guidelines they should result in an interesting and beautiful blog about bookbinding and everything that inspires me and hopefully you!



The day after ‘Meet the Blogger Masterclass’

13 september 2013

Yesterday I joined the Meet the Blogger Masterclass styling & photograpy. It was a great day!
I learned a lot of new things, and some already known photography basics were refreshed. Ofcourse the best thing were the other bloggers and webshop owners. Talking with people who are interested in the same things as you are is always inspiring! I met a lot of new people and I have a lot of new blogs to follow 🙂

In the morning we had to fulfill a styling assignment. First we had to create an ‘Easy Winter’ moodboard using some magazines. This moodboard formed the basis of our styling set. They made it a bit more complicated by adding the demand that we had to use a nice warm winter hat of YAYA and item of HK Living.The nice hat was a present, so I am ready for a cold winter 🙂 Thank you YAYA!

Turning the moodboard  ideas into a good styling set was a strenuous but inspiring job. We were allowed to use everything that was exhibited at the Toonkamer. They have such beautifull furniture, so it was marvellous ‘to shop for your set’. The nice and practical beige paper bags I used are from Uashmama.
It was a great day! Good to have been there!
– for more information, see my previous blogpost –



Meet the Blogger Masterclass

11 september 2013

Tomorrow I will join the ‘Meet the Blogger Masterclass Photography & Styling‘ in Utrecht.

This one day masterclass  has a focus on photography and styling. ANOUKB of ANOUKB interiors and Wendy van Woudenberg of BeeldSTEIL Photography and Styling will teach us the secrets of styling, photography and blogging. I am very curious!

The workshop will be given in the inspiring Toonkamer in Utrecht. The Toonkamer use to be the Pastoe furniture factory. Nowadays the Toonkamer is a platform where more than 30 Dutch and international Interior design brands present their new collections.