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Prien’s Diary

19 januari 2015
Prien diary_nieuw

Looking for a structured live, an empty head, and just happy thoughts. A diary might help!

An old fashioned diary, for all your (secret) thoughts, ideas, dreams, jokes, sorrows and unforgettable memories. Sometimes when you write, your subconsciousness just runs off, and your hand keeps writing the most beautiful unexpected ideas.

A diary is not only for writing, you can also draw and sketch in it. Sometimes an image can say more than a thousand words, or your words need some visual back-up.

In these days of computers, mobile phones, tablets and all kind of other digital stuff, it is sometimes nice to use pen and paper. Just slow down, and pay real attention to what your are doing.
You can use your diary in so many ways:
– be a diva
– write down all your twisted ideas
– create your own perfect dream world
– see it as your best friend ever
– hide your deepest sorrow
– build your private castle in the air
– use it as a treasury for the small things in life
– speak with your senses; feel/smell/see/hear with words

How do you use your diary and what does it mean for you?
Please let me know …
Have fun writing!

ps. Prien has a diary in the shop at the moment. This one is faded green, with dots. If you are not a
fan of green, or dots and you are looking for your perfect diary, please contact me for the