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Prien’s Booklet for your Purse in black and red

11 november 2013

What’s going on at the moment?? I should be posting more blogs … but a lot of things keep me from doing it. Things like:
– following a professional PhotoShop course at Mediacollege in Rotterdam
– following an interesting e-course about blogging at Decor8
– preparing new stock for the Webshops Only Shop in Den Bosch
– designing and preparing flyers and nametags for the Webshops Only Shop
– working on new assignments, such as a box, an address book, some notebooks

So there are a lot of new things I want to show you … soon! It would also be a great opportunity to show off my new Photoshop skills as well 🙂

For now I just want to introduce these new Booklets for you Purse; small notebooks for, yes indeed, in your purse. Always handy to write down that amazing idea that pops up in your mind when you are waiting for the train, or when you are stuck in traffic or something like that.
On a special request I made the Prien Booklets for your Purse in black and red as well. You can find more colours at

Prien Booklet for your Purse in Black and Red

A3 Portofolio Folder

5 november 2013

For a set designer Prien made an A3 Portfolio Folder in black. The client was looking for an A3 square folder to show her portfolio to potential clients. It had to be very easy to change the 300 grams portfolio sheets. In close cooperation with the client Prien developed a folder with four anchorages in matt black. The outside material is sturdy and can be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary.
Hopefully my client will get a lot of new clients with her stylish portfolio folder!



Passport Case

21 oktober 2013

In order of a client Prien designed a passport case. The graphic on the front has been developed in close cooperation with the client. Because a passport case is new in Prien’s assortment I made several trial cases, which I showed at some fairs. Since people seem to like this product I decided to include it in Prien’s collection.

It is a very nice aspect of my work; developing products in close cooperation with the client! The result is a personalized special gift!


New Series – Simply Black

14 oktober 2013

Especially for business use, Prien developed a series notebooks and writing cases. These practical, yet beautiful utensils make your working day more stylish and easy. Because of the though black cover the notebooks and cases withstand rough handling while they still look great. The fly leaves give each product its own character. Check them out at!