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Masterclass Leather Decoration

18 juni 2015
Prien working with suede workshop Elbel2

Weeks ago I took a masterclass Leather Decoration from Benjamin Elbel. It was such a great course and I wanted to tell you all about it weeks ago … but time was flying sooo fast ….

It was a two day masterclass. The first day we prepared the leather and the second day we made a cover for a notebook with one of the finished pieces of leather.

We started with a thin piece of suede and tissue paper. After pressing and drying we sanded and sanded the layers until we were satisfied with the result. You can play with the color of the suede, the color of the tissue paper and the patterns you press in the layers. Also the way and the duration of sanding gives an extra effect. At the end of the day we put our drudgery in the press and we went home with a head spinning of ideas.


The second day we peeled the suede from the cardboard, it felt smooth, thin and easy to handle. Benjamin had asked us to bring a notebook as a base for a book wrap. After a day of hard work, lots of measuring and of course a lot of fun, we finished our book wraps. I am really happy with mine, I love the color, texture and I will make a bunch of refills, so I can use the wrap forever.
Working with leather and suede is new for me, and I really love it! I bought some leather and suede and at the moment I am working on a new product line. Just follow my blogs, newsletters, Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Holiday gifts

26 november 2014
Volkswagen notebooks_nieuw

Looking for a perfect gift for the holidays? Perhaps these Volkswagen retro notebooks are exactly what you are looking for.

For every wish there is a notebook; lined, blank pages, thicker pages to sketch on, A4, A5, square, rectangular and not to forget the minis.

Handbound, firm and handy notebooks. Planning a nice long summer trip, use one of these handy booklets to write down your hotspots. Or do you have a lot of good intentions for next year, don’t hesitate to write them down in one of the Volkswagen cahiers. If your not such a person for words, some of these notebooks are ideal for sketching. With pages of 115 gr/m2 you can use a marker or fineliner without making a mess.

Check out for the details and the models.



Personalized Notebooks for Clever Strategy

3 februari 2014

Just before a relaxing ski holiday Prien finished a nice assignment for Clever Strategy. This company, specialized in marketing and technique, always sends its customers a new year gift. This year they wanted to send a marketing calendar combined with a notebook.
The logo of Clever Strategy is blue and orange, in close consultation we have chosen to put the logo in the middle of a white cover, supplemented with a blue rubber band to close the book. The spine of the booklet contains the url. and the logo with caption is centered at the bottom of the back. To raise the white cover and pages of the notebook, the flyleaf is bright orange. It was fun working on these cheerful booklets and I got inspired by the marketing calendar, so at the moment I am busy planning my year, using the events mentioned in this inspiring calendar.
Want to receive this handy booklet, become a client of Clever Strategy 🙂






Prien’s Personalized Notebooks for Portret van Jeannette

16 januari 2014

Looking for a smile on your face at this rainy drizzling day … check out Portret van Jeannette. Jeannette sketches little portraits of people and animals. These miniatures touch the essence of once’s being with just a few lines.
Since the best ideas -or faces- always come to you when you are not at home, it’s necessary to have a notebook with you all the time. And what’s better than a personalized notebook with your name on the cover:) So Jeannette asked me to make some notebooks in A5 and A6 format with her logo on the cover. I used several techniques for the letters, like printing on paper and cover it with a very thin laminated layer or cut out the letters in flock foil and iron them on the bookbinders linen. I hope a lot of new great portraits will find their way to these booklets .. and to her Facebook page of course!

Prien Personalized Notebooks Portret van Jeannette



Personalized Notebooks

6 januari 2014

Some weeks ago I made these personalized notebooks for two dear friends. They have been – and are- a big support for me and my business. When I started Prien, they surprised me with a large bunch of beautiful flowers and they constantly help me to develop my business. As a thank you, I made these personalized booklets. Neutral at the outside, personalized at the inside.
Thank you for helping me, and I hope you enjoy the notebooks!

Prien Personalized Notebooks





Library Notebooks

23 december 2013

Last weeks I have been working hard at an assignment for about twenty notebooks. It was fun to see all those splendid colours around me. In these wet winter days, the rain and wind were lashing my windows, and I only had to look at those lovely booklets to see the sunshine 🙂 Each booklet is unique. The cover is provided with letters saying ‘BIEB’, which is a Dutch acronym for library. When you open the booklets you figure out that the flyleads are printed with the word ‘NOTE’ and have several bright and sparkly colours. It was fun creating all those different booklets. mass production, with a small escape 🙂
The booklets are Christmast presents for the library employees. I hope they enjoy them!




Prien Work in Progress

8 december 2013

Working hard at a nice assignment. Just wanted you to show the in-between-phase. So cool to see all these future booklets and their soon-to-be covers. The colours make me happy!!! Later on the result…



New Series – Simply Black

14 oktober 2013

Especially for business use, Prien developed a series notebooks and writing cases. These practical, yet beautiful utensils make your working day more stylish and easy. Because of the though black cover the notebooks and cases withstand rough handling while they still look great. The fly leaves give each product its own character. Check them out at!