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Prien’s Photo Boxes

17 februari 2014

A few weeks ago we were on ski holiday with some friends. It was such a great week! We had a lot of hard and long good laughs, interspersed with serious talks and it was just great to be with each other. Of course we skied a lot as well, the snow was great and we even had some sunny days.

Afterwards I had such a good time sorting the photos. All those crazy selfies were hilarious. The quality of the photos -especially the indoor and night photos- wasn’t always good enough for enlargements, so I chose for Polaroid sized photos. To make the photos firmer I glued them on white photo board, this gives the images a tough look. One can shuffle as much as he or she wants. Line up all the selfies, or show the area, or the way he or she skies. In short – a very flexible and stylish way to stock photos.

To keep the photos together I made photo boxes in several colours, matching the person the box was for. It was a precise, but nice job to do the maths. Thinking, cutting, glueing, good music, some sunshine and good memories … in short a happy moment for a bookbinder!

Custom-made Box

12 december 2013

One of my clients – Sandra of BUROSANNIES – was looking for a special box. For a school assignment she had to design and make a scaled cupboard. Because she is totally into felt, the material choice was easy. She designed a cupboard out of sturdy black felt, supported by some timber carriers. The presentation of the final design was at least as important, therefore phase two of this design assignment was to find an appropriate box for her creation. In close consultation we chose a firm model that we could give a sturdy look. I experimented with the possibilities to make very simple hinges, whereby the box could keep it’s cardboard look and feel. Not only the hinges and surfaces have a basic appearance, but also the clasps are basic, inventive and practical. A small strip of black linen stored with a matt black button clicks on a hidden press stud, so the box can be opened very easily. The text Felt like Organizing on top of the box is the finishing touch of the design and also gives a hint about the content of the box…
Hopefully Sandra gets a good rating for her assignment!