Meg Hitchcock’s texts

8 maart 2017
Prien about Meg Hitchcock

Meg Hitchcock is a Brooklyn based artist who makes thoughtful artworks full of details. She deconstructs sacred texts by cutting it’s individual letters and reassamble them to form a passage from another holy book. She says that by bringing together the sacret writing of diverse religions, she undermines their authority and speak to the common thread that weaves through all scripture.

Prien about Meg Hitchcock

That idea is so wonderful! Hopefully more and more people will embrace this insight, so the world will be a more peaceful place!
Not only the ideas of Meg Hitchcock impresses me, but also the look of her artworks is amazing. I like the rythme, symmetrie and subtlety. The words meander in beautiful forms, forming new sentenses. Creating these works of art must be so labor intensive and mediative in one time. Meg Hitchock’s work and ideas inspire me in all aspects. Someone to keep an eye on!

Prien about Meg Hitchcock

Interested? You can find more images of Meg Hitchcock at my Pinterest Board – Paper Art.

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