Book – The Maker ‘Beyond decorating: crafting a unique space’

24 augustus 2016
Prien about the book The Maker by Tamara Maynes

The technical aspects of the book
‘The maker – beyond decorating: crafting a unique space’ is a beautiful book in several ways. It caught my eye because of the unique design. One corner is rounded, just one and that makes you looking at it and want to take a closer look. The binding is worth watching. The spine of the book is covered with black bookbinderslinen and the cover is layered with a printed front, a very thick through and through black cardboard, followed by a flyleaf. The title has been printed in gold, so it is an eye catcher. The book is pretty thick, almost 3,5 cm, counting 274 pages and thence a bit heavy. One disadvantage is the fact that the book doesn’t open easily and the pages won’t remain open, you have to handle the book with two hands. The straight glued back, covered with black cardboard is the cause of this problem – sometimes the looks just win from the practical use -. Editorial and publishing consultant Tracy Lines is the designer of this special book. She is book lover who publishes and designs books.

About the writer
Tamara Maynes, the writer of ‘The Maker’ is a maker herself, but she is also a stylist and the creative director of The Esthablishment Studios in Melbourne. She worked at this marvelous book for almost seven years. It morphed from a simple book of crafts into an ode to craftsmen and the process of making craft. This versatile lady does not only make books, but she is also a maker herself. Raw materials and their capabilities are her inspiration and she has a special fondness for macrame and embroidery

The Content of ‘The Maker’
It’s a book about craft, but not as you know it! Craft is a fashionable concept these days. It’s all about craft. People are knitting, sewing, weaving, printing like crazy these days, but there is craft and craft. Craft that excites us must have a special magic, a level of skill or expertise that truly stands out. In ‘The Maker’ Australia’s most talented craftspeople get their stage, but the book also contains craft projects designed by Tamara Maynes, to try yourself.
Chapter three gives a preview about what to expect; applique, basketry, ceramics, chair caning, embroidery, fabric dying & printing, felting, glass blowing, knitting, leaded glasswork, leatherwork. macramé, metalwork, papercraft, quilting & patchwork, rug hooking, sculpture, shade making, tapestry weaving, upholstery, willow bending, wirework and last but not least woodwork. So quite an enumaretion. I just can recommend to explore this gadget yourself. Enjoy!

Prien about the book The Maker by Tamara Maynes

Prien about the book The Maker by Tamara Maynes.

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