Paper Art by Maude White

2 februari 2015

… sometimes you see things that just make you speechless … the paper art of Maude White is such a thing; white, delicate and fairylike.

 Maude started cutting paper as a way to communicate to the observer what her words could not do effectively. She feels that if she peels the paper back, the outer superficial layer of our vision reveals the secret space beneath. The negative space tells it own story.

What appeals me most in Maude’s story is her great respect for paper. She sees the paper as something strong, reliable and constant. Paper is everywhere and it has been telling stories for centuries. By respecting and honoring paper Maude feels like she is communicating some of the pleasure it brings her.

In an interview with Ted Baker Maude says that the longest she ever worked on a piece was a month – but not full time -. Working is a kind of a meditative exercise, so she don’t exactly knows how long she works on each piece. Each fine line and swirl has been meticulously sliced out with a sharp knife and a steady hand.

She is inspired by illustrators such as Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham and Gustave Dore, illustrators from the end of the 19th century.

You can buy Maude’s art at Etsy.



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