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12 november 2014
Prien about Oleg Oprisco 4_nieuw

wow … that was the first thing that came in mind seeing these pictures. I wish I could do that … those colors, the composition, the atmosphere of the picture …

Oleg Oprisco is the maker of these fine art photos. He doesn’t take snapshots, every photo is the result of hard work. First Oprisco sketches the image, than he starts looking for the props at flea markets and when everything is ready, the photo shoot takes a day or two. The photos might look fairylike, but they are the result of hard work.

I could tell a lot more about this Ukrainian photographer, but an image says more than a thousands word … so just look and enjoy! I hope the situation in Ukraine doesn’t have too much impact on this artist! Hopefully he will make a lot more of these beautiful fine arts photos. By the way the photos are for sale at his site.

Prien about Oleg Oprisco
Prien about Oleg Oprisco

Prien about Oleg Oprisco

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