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28 april 2014

A few weeks ago Lisa from Elle Aime posted that she and Sarah Pronk would give an Illustration course. Since I really love her designs and since I was looking for something to relax from being a 24-hour entrepreneur, I registered for the course. Tomorrow I will join my third class, and I have homework to do…

First I have to bring a book wherefore I have to design a book cover. Each class we learn to work with a new illustration technique. This week we will make a collage by tearing pieces from books and magazines. Tearing pages from books … sounds very scary πŸ™ … the only comfort I have is that the old books will be used to create a new cover …
I am still doubting about the book. Maybe I will take ‘Nooit meer slapen’ from W.F. Hermans, a famous Dutch writer. The book is about a geography student who gets lost in the North of Norway and is wandering around in the bush, losing his colleagues and himself. This book is also translated in English ‘Beyond Sleep’, I can strongly recommend it! But there is also IQ84 by Haruki Murakami and it’s two moons … also an interesting one for a book cover …the two moons in a Japanese environment … my fantasy is way far ahead of my hands πŸ™‚

The other thing is that Sarah and Lisa keep on telling us that we have to draw every day … and I try … but it is so difficult on busy days! Yesterday I finally had a day off, and I actually draw some flowers … so relaxing and inspiring to do. My goal is to do it more often … just as going to yoga class πŸ™‚

The third and last assignment for this week is to find three of your most favorite illustrators. I really love that one. It is good to think about it, although it is so difficult to pinpoint it to only three. I think each occasion requires a different illustrator. By the way, I have never noticed before that so many things are illustrated. Ok, at the moment it is very hip to illustrate your articles, adds or website, but it’s not only because it is a trend … illustrations are everywhere!
My favorite illustrators are:
Tadahiro UesugiΒ 
He is a Japanese illustrator who started as a fashion illustrator. He also worked a while as
an assistant Manga artist. At the moment he creates elegant illustrations with a jazzy and
classical sensibility. I recognize typical Japanese elements, combined with Paris with a
touch of Hopper.

tadahiro uesugi

She is a German teacher who combines every day things, such as flowers, food or rubber
bands with sketch lines. I follow her blog, and every new blog post makes me laugh …

Spielkkind illustratie

Denise Holly Hobby-Ulinskas
For old time sake I chose Holly Hobby, she is someone I grew up with. I might have drawn a
thousand holly hobbies … it is something from my youth I will never forget πŸ™‚ When my aunt
passed away a few years ago we found a lot of small holly hobby drawing books … she
also loved her … and she made a lot of small holly hobby paintings for me …

Holly Hobby


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    Wat is Spielkkind leuk zeg! Kende het helemaal niet maar ben meteen fan! Dank je voor het delen!

  • Reply Corina de Vette 28 april 2014 at 17:33

    Ja gaaf he! Met zo weinig zo veel kunnen .. bijzonder!

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