Book Art by Louisa Boyd

8 maart 2014

Scrolling around on the internet I found this amazing book art of Louisa Boyd. She is an UK based artist who makes amazing books, paintings and prints. She finds her inspiration in nature and especially in the connection between man and nature. She says that even in these days, when most of us live in cities, we are still able to understand the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. For example, a bird that flies through the air represents freedom. This connection with nature is very important and needs to be cherished by mankind. For Louisa Boyd this is the starting point for working with books sculpturally. Some of her books depict birds flying away, released from their binding, others use the edges of the pages to show a broken image of a landscape.

Materials and technique play an important role in all Boyd’s pieces, she dedicates a lot of time to experimenting with paper, paint and printmaking, pushing materials and understanding what they do. She sees paper as a material with fragile properties, and she enjoys identifying what it can and cannot do and the sometimes unpredictable nature of the material.

Boyd about bookbinding:’The process of bookbinding has become as important as the sculptures themselves and the concepts behind them. Recognising the beauty and skill involved in making books is just as much part of the work. It is a slow process, and requires patience, concentration and practise, but it is calming and rewarding. The hand bound book stands out in an age where we are used to fast results and machine-made objects.’


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