Personalized Notebooks for Clever Strategy

3 februari 2014

Just before a relaxing ski holiday Prien finished a nice assignment for Clever Strategy. This company, specialized in marketing and technique, always sends its customers a new year gift. This year they wanted to send a marketing calendar combined with a notebook.
The logo of Clever Strategy is blue and orange, in close consultation we have chosen to put the logo in the middle of a white cover, supplemented with a blue rubber band to close the book. The spine of the booklet contains the url. and the logo with caption is centered at the bottom of the back. To raise the white cover and pages of the notebook, the flyleaf is bright orange. It was fun working on these cheerful booklets and I got inspired by the marketing calendar, so at the moment I am busy planning my year, using the events mentioned in this inspiring calendar.
Want to receive this handy booklet, become a client of Clever Strategy 🙂






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