Irma Boom’s Chanel N°5

16 december 2013

White white white … my favourite colour… exhibited in the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam… in one word beautiful! According to Anne van der Zwaag – the curator of the exhibition- white is no colour and in the same time a mixture of all colours. White can be inspiring, but also intimidating. In short: White is interesting!
Visiting the exhibition was blissful. Some artists or art works really caught my attention; for example the capriole haute couture by Iris van Herpen, Aart Klein’s photo of an ice skater and the closed eyes in a white face by Erwin Blumenfeld.
All very inspiring, BUT there was also the Chanel No. 5 Book of Irma Boom, a Dutch Graphic Designer specialized in unusual (art) books. Her beautiful white book, reflecting the world of Coco Chanel, was exhibited in a showcase, but luckily there was also one copy you could browse through. Of course with the white museum gloves on :), but I have to confess I also touched the book with my bare hands… You really have to touch this book, because Irma Boom made the pages very tactile by using only embossed images and text. To preserve the die-stamp-printing the pages were not cut and the book is softbound and not squeezed. If you want to learn more about this special book, check out the short movie where Irma Boom explains some things about The Chanel No. 5 book.

Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam


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