E-course Blogging Your Way

11 december 2013

Last month I took the e-course Blogging Your Way given by Holly Becker from Decor8. Although I had a really, and I mean a really, busy month I enjoyed the course very much. It was nice to meet other bloggers on the forum and even live. It turned out that Agnes from Stylestek also lives in Rotterdam, so we didn’t only meet online, but also in real live and we will keep on doing that 🙂 Agnes is specialized in inspiring images for websites and promoting articles etc. Her work is refined and dreamy, and her website is as white as mine 🙂
During the course we learned things about blogging in general, branding your blog, styling, photography, photo editing, but above all it was INSPIRING! I have so many ideas for new blogposts and how to improve my styling and photography… I hope you will enjoy my future posts – inspired by this e-course and all the other bloggers I met at this class-!

E-course Blogging Your Way Holly Becker


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