Graphic designer Monice Janson

18 november 2013

Last week I met Monice Janson, an interesting Rotterdam based graphic designer. Monice has a love for typography, which is evident in her work. Her appealing projects are characterized by refinement and clarity. Besides the more standard graphic design assignments, Monice also develops free work, like the project ‘Onderkast’. This funny and ingenious artwork has been exhibited in De Aanschouw Rotterdam, the smallest galery of the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. The insects in The Onderkast project are built up from letters, two T’s form a beetle, two K’s together form a frog and if you put enough S’s together a spider will be formed. The shapes are cut out of rubber, so the shadows form an interesting second layer.
For more projects or information, you can check out Monice Janson’s site:

Onderkast by Monice Janson


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