The day after ‘Meet the Blogger Masterclass’

13 september 2013

Yesterday I joined the Meet the Blogger Masterclass styling & photograpy. It was a great day!
I learned a lot of new things, and some already known photography basics were refreshed. Ofcourse the best thing were the other bloggers and webshop owners. Talking with people who are interested in the same things as you are is always inspiring! I met a lot of new people and I have a lot of new blogs to follow 🙂

In the morning we had to fulfill a styling assignment. First we had to create an ‘Easy Winter’ moodboard using some magazines. This moodboard formed the basis of our styling set. They made it a bit more complicated by adding the demand that we had to use a nice warm winter hat of YAYA and item of HK Living.The nice hat was a present, so I am ready for a cold winter 🙂 Thank you YAYA!

Turning the moodboard  ideas into a good styling set was a strenuous but inspiring job. We were allowed to use everything that was exhibited at the Toonkamer. They have such beautifull furniture, so it was marvellous ‘to shop for your set’. The nice and practical beige paper bags I used are from Uashmama.
It was a great day! Good to have been there!
– for more information, see my previous blogpost –


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