• Bookbinding Inspiration Work of Dario Zeruto

    Masterclass from Dario Zeruto

    Last week I followed a two day masterclass from paper artist Dario Zeruto. At the meet & greet organised by ‘Marja Wilgenkamp & Bookbinding out of the box‘, Dario showed us some of his stunning…

    22 maart 2018
  • Raakvlak - Loes Schepens

    Paper Inspiration

    A weekend’s paper dream: I had a great afternoon in art gallery ‘Presentatiestudio van Bureau Jacobine van Beurden‘ in The Hague. Paper artist Loes Schepens exhibits fragile works of art made from handmade paper…

    16 januari 2018
  • A3 portfoliomap for photographs handmade by Prien

    Portfolio map for photographer

    Photographers are always looking for good and goodlooking ways to show and preserve their work. For a student of the Fotovakschool I made this customized A3 portfoliomap. This A3 portfoliomap works with book screws,…

    6 april 2017
  • Prien in the reading room of Museum Plantijn Moretus
    Events Inspiration

    Lecture in Plantijn Moretus

    The reading room of Plantijn Moretus is a hidden treasure in Antwerp. The museum’s collection consists of really old books, from the 16th and 17th  century and a beautiful contemporary collection of book artist…

    22 maart 2017
  • Prien about Meg Hitchcock

    Meg Hitchcock’s texts

    Meg Hitchcock is a Brooklyn based artist who makes thoughtful artworks full of details. She deconstructs sacred texts by cutting it’s individual letters and reassamble them to form a passage from another holy book.…

    8 maart 2017
  • Boekbinder Prien in Boekblad
    Geen categorie

    Boekblad – Column

    Text of the column I wrote for Boekblad number 10 about Photobook Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu. Sorry only in Dutch. If you are curious, please contact me and I will translate it in English. In…

    25 oktober 2016
  • Prien in Boekblad met de column 'De keuze van ..'

    Boekblad/Motsure Hotsure Tsumugu

    Last summer text writer Laura van Mourik nominated me for the next Boekblad column “De keuze van…”. It had to be a published book, which was easy to buy. A few weeks before I…

    20 oktober 2016
  • Portfolio doos foto serie Fotovakschool

    Portfolio Box for student Fotovakschool

    Graduating from the Fotovakschool is a very special moment, an occasion which asks for a special presentation of the photos. For this graduating student I made a basic box, so all the attention goes…

    25 augustus 2016
  • Prien's new blog at www.prienandotherthings.com
    Geen categorie

    Follow my new blog at Bloglovin

    If you follow me at Blogger: http://prienandotherthings.blogspot.nl/, please change the address to: www.prienandotherthings.com You can also find me through Bloglovin. A new blog … and new blogpost on regular base. It would be great to…

    24 augustus 2016